Friday, October 15, 2010

Vino Anyone?

Big ups to Brooklyn! My new friends at J Public Relations invited me to the Grand Opening of Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg last night. Now, venturing to Brooklyn is not part of my daily routine, but, I'm glad I made the trip. This is a must-visit for anyone who has even the tiniest interest in wine.

This place has a great, cozy feel to it. The decor is simple yet sophisticated with its wooden walls, tables and benches. And, in an awesome effort to go green, the furniture is made from recycled materials (i.e. old-school sewing machines--yes, you read right!). But the most unique part about Brooklyn Winery is that their wine is home-made right on the premises. I was lucky enough to get a tour (by the head winemaker, Conor) of the barrel room where all the wine-making magic happens...very cool.

My favorite part about Brooklyn Winery, though, is the back-story. I got to talk to the President and co-owner, John Stires, and he let me in on how this all came about. John and his business partner, Brian, used to commute all the way to New Jersey from Brooklyn to make their own wine just for fun. Using mass transit. The whole way. We're talking about a 4 hour round-trip here. That's commitment. Anyway, one day they decided to fore-go the long trips and bring the wine-making to Brooklyn. They quit their jobs and managed to get Brooklyn Winery up and running in 10 months. I'm impressed, are you?

What more can I say? Oh, I guess I can tell you how the wine was. I loooved the Chardonnay! I enjoyed the red too, but, seeing as I don't normally drink red wine, I was a little wobbly walking out of there. But, hey, if you're stumbling out of a place, it means you had a good time. And I did.

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